- Senior Software Engineer Delphi Over 10 year Experience

    I'm looking for a Senior Software Engineer/Team Leader position in Vancouver Canada, Seattle Washington or Mexico City.


    705 – 1515 West Hastings Street Tel: 604.408.2592
    Vancouver, B.C. V6G 3G6 Canada Email: macvictor@yahoo.com

    Senior Software Engineer with over ten years of relevant experience in the IT-Industry working in multidisciplinary environment.

    · A proven track record for successful business application development providing highly reusable code
    · Acquired 3 years in diverse brokerage and banking experience, developing strategic systems in the head office of an International Financial Group encompassing banking, insurance and brokerage industries
    · Career experience in analysis, design and development of complex applications with database design
    · Experience with Web, Client-server, 3 Tier-Architecture and COM development
    · Strong analytical, organizational and problem solving skills with the ability to learn and take advantage of new technology
    · Work effectively in a team environment with initiative and minimal supervision
    · Bilingual: English and Spanish; experience in multi-cultural environment

    · Delphi (12 years programming with Delphi/Pascal),C# .NET,C++, Visual Basic, VBScript
    · SQL, Oracle, PL/SQL and MS-SQL Server, Interbase
    · COM+ DCOM, WIN32 API, Web Services
    · SVN, PVCS (issue management tool), SourceSafe. Erwin, Power Designer, Toad, SQL Plus
    · Cold Fusion, ASP, HTML, JavaScript, CGI, ISAPI, XML, Quick Reports, Crystal Reports
    · UML, Agile


    Senior Software Developer January 2008 - October 2009
    IntraHealth Canada, Vancouver, BC
    · Inmerse into Demographics, Clinical Data, Labs, Financial and EMR application.
    · Complete Level 3 support calls solving issues from EMR Application users.
    · Investigate and solve issues on main EMR Application.
    · Completed Interface between Oracle/System and EMR Application.
    · Design and Code Macros to customize EMR application.
    · Expand current COM Interface to complete user requirements..
    · Create XML Data Import tool to load Patient Information.
    · Create tool to Import/Convert data from other software vendors into EMR Application including Demographics, Clinica; Data. Labs, Financial Information, Documents and prescriptions.
    · Improve and fix current Financial Importing tools from other software vendors.
    · Create tool to re-compress PDFs and save storage spaces on EMR database.
    Technical Environment: Delphi, XML, VBScript, Web Services, Oracle, MS-SQLServer, Firebird, SVN , Windows2000/XP, IDC-9, HL7

    Senior Software Engineer January 2005 - October 2007
    Vivonet Canada, Vancouver, BC
    · Complete Integration of Loyalty/Gift Card Web-Service processing with POS.
    · For most of 2005 I and my manager were the only two people responsible for the development and maintenance of all Point of Sale applications.
    · Removed Java from the Internet Framework with a Web Service base control to allow access to Vivonet Website using a XP Embedded Machine.
    · Designed and developed an Automatic Update Agent Service to facilitate the process of updating current applications, install updates and perform special task on client's computers remotely.
    · Integration for Debit Card Processing (Interac) with Point of Sale System.
    · Software Integration / Communication with PinPads for Debit / (Interac) Transactions.
    · EastHost Interface Integration for GlobalPayments Credit/Debit Processor including Certification.
    · Integration / Communication for DVRs with Point of Sale System.
    · Integration with OPOS for new Hardware from Partner tech / Posiflex and Toshiba.
    Technical Environment: Delphi, XML, Web Services, Oracle, PL/SQL, MS-SQLServer, MsAccess, SVN and SourceSafe, PVCS, Windows2000/XP.

    Application Developer November 2002 – December 2004
    Bayleaf Software, Vancouver, BC
    · Created advance tools for the flag ship application to filter information, re-created completely the GUI and added 16 new functions. Those changes made the current version of this software the most impressive and powerful application delivered to the user in years.
    · Designed complex GUI and created VCL components used to develop GPS and demographical applications using MapX and MapInfo.
    · Creation of internal application to book meeting rooms using Cold Fusion.
    Technical Environment: Delphi, MapX, MapInfo, Cold Fusion, XML, MS-SQLServer, MsAccess, SourceSafe, Windows2000/XP.

    Software Engineer July 2000- November 2002
    Vivonet Canada, Vancouver, BC
    · Ultimately responsible for design and development of a multi-threaded NT Service (PrintManager) for the management of all iPOS printing and reporting requirements, including:
    - Runtime and pre-defined reports/print-outs on client side production system
    - Custom print queue system
    - Client and server side printer configuration system
    - Printer fail-over and redirection system
    · Development of an ActiveX reporting Interface based on a Calendar Visual Object that displays weather and user event information. The calendar interface allows users to select a date range and generate the selected report that is displayed as an HTML page in a browser.
    · A runtime script report interpreter Object that is able to retrieve a script report definition from a database, parse parameters and execute SQLs to generate and print a report.
    · Designed and developed a report designer application that is a visual interface application allowing users to graphically design, preview and print runtime reports. It also stores and retrieves the report’s runtime definition from a database or script file.
    · Provide end-user support to resolve data configuration and printing related issues.
    · Conversion from single thread application to multi-thread application and from simple exe applications to NT Services applications.
    · Designed and developed an HTML weather parser as a NT service utilized to retrieve and store daily weather information from the Internet.
    · Designed and developed a JPEG graphic engine. This is an ASP Delphi Object that renders bar graphics as images on HTML pages.
    · Designed and developed an Event Tracker object. This is a COM object application that stores users events on the client application.
    · Designed and developed an Off-Line credit application that allows users to manage off-line credit transactions and change their status.
    · Designed and developed of an SQL Editor that allows users to design, store and retrieve SQL queries for server side reporting proposes.
    · Write queries, PL/SQL procedures, packages and triggers in ORACLE for server-side reporting and applications proposes.
    · Write queries, procedures, and triggers in MS SQL Server for client-side reporting and applications propose.
    · Design and development of a GUI application and interface programming for a scale device METER-TOLEDO RS-232.
    · Database design for Lookup products, tare weights and scale interface for main application.
    Technical Environment: Delphi, Quick Reports, Crystal Report, Oracle, TOAD, PL/SQL, PVCS, SourceSafe, Windows 95/98/NT/2000/X.

    Team Leader 1997 – 2000
    Grupo Financiero Interacciones. Interacciones Casa de Bolsa. Mexico City, Mexico.
    · Developing strategic systems in the head office of an international Financial Group encompassing banking, insurance and brokerage industries.
    · Developed a corporative framework for ORACLE - SQL – Delphi. This framework improves data access, offered tools to facilitate information searching and allows development of applications in less time using a minimum effort taking advantage of code reusability. It’s based on classes and object Oriented programming using Delphi, SQL and Oracle. It provide a uniform user interface that integrates menus, user control and security access. More than 30 applications were based on this framework, and used by the bank, brokerage house and insurance company at Interacciones Financial Group.
    · Created an Internet ISAPI Application and defined standards for Internet Programming.
    · Corporative Error handling Manager. Retrieve and manage error information from production applications.
    · Pager message handler. Sends messages from events to users pagers.
    · Created Visual and Non-Visual Components (VCL) for Delphi.
    Technical Environment: Delphi, Crystal Reports, Power Designer, SQL, PL/SQL Navigator 3, Oracle, Windows NT, HP9000, HP/UX.

    Technology Advisor 1999-2000
    Cero Uno Informatica, Consultoria y Desarrollo S.A. de C.V., Mexico City, Mexico.
    · Contributed with advice in best practices and recommendations on the following technologies: Windows, Paradox, MS-SQL Server, Oracle and Delphi.
    · Developed a framework of components to standardize GUI applications, reports, database access and users control.
    Technical Environment: Delphi, Paradox, MS-SQL Server, Oracle, Crystal Reports.

    Programmer Analyst 1996-1997
    Electra Mexico City, Mexico.
    · Analyzed and programmed client-server applications for inventory control and management of customer’s voids using Visual Basic and MS-SQL Server.
    · Developed ActiveX Components using Visual Basic to extract information from databases using API Calls (Win32).
    Technical Environment: Visual Basic 5.0, Crystal Reports, Erwin and MS-SQL-Server.

    Programmer Analyst 1996
    Sentra Software, Mexico City, Mexico.
    · Developed client-server application to control schedules, times and resources for an internal TV station for Bancomer using visual basic 5.0 and Microsoft Access.
    · Developed applications for Image Processing. Fax and document server client application for Mercury Bank (Bancomer) using Delphi with proprietary technology.
    · Created VCL Components for Delphi.
    Technical Environment: Visual Basic 4.0, Delphi 4.0, Crystal Reports, Erwin and SQL-Server.

    BA Degree in Computer Science 1990-1994
    U.P.I.I.C.S.A. / I.P.N., Mexico

    Available upon request.

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