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    Software Engineer


    Having around 3+ Years of Progressive experience. Currently Working as a Software Engineer bebo Technologies Pvt Ltd (QA Source)

    Professional Experience:

    ü Over 3+ years of Progressive Experience in the Software development of Application/Web/Distributed technologies Stand-alone applications Using different technologies i.e. Core java Servlet, JSP, JSTL, JDBC,Tapestry,Struts (Connection Pooling), maven ,Clearcase) and Client Server technologies with Testing Methodologies.
    ü Expertise in the Legal Management System and E-Commerce Business Domain
    ü Experience of Full Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) including Analysis, design, development, deployment using Java, J2EE, and XML
    ü Ability to work independently and in the team environment and Handling Multiple Projects.
    ü Goal oriented, Team Player, Self Starter Quick Learner
    ü Requirement gathering from client
    ü Good leadership qualities with excellent communication skills
    ü Follower of Proactive and structured approach to projects.
    ü Strong belief in openness and honesty in all personal and business interactions.
    Technical Experience:
    Web Technologies : J2EE 1.4, Servlet 2.4, Struts, Tapestry 4.0, JSP 2.0, HTML, JDBC 2.0, JavaScript,
    Languages : Java, C, C++, SQL, PHP
    Web Servers : Apache – Tomcat 5.5/5.0,
    Application Servers : Bea Weblogic 8.1, Jboss-4.0.3
    Protocols : HTTP, and TCP/IP
    RDBM : Oracle 8i, My SQL
    Other Tool : Clear Case, SVN, WinCVS
    Currently On Going Project: (AlpsDev, AlpsPSO)
    AlpsDev, AlpsPSO (MitraTech, U.S , Jan 07 till Date )
    Company : bebo Technologies Pvt Ltd
    Client : NDA
    Team Size : 15 Members
    Role : Software Engineer.
    Project Description

    TeamConnect Enterprise® is a web-based platform which enables organizations to manage complex business processes involving multiple resources, documents, events, and business workflow. Provides all the tools that your users need to enter, organize, store, retrieve, and manage information for the entire organization. Users can quickly and efficiently create, view, and print an assortment of records, such as projects, contacts, appointments, tasks, expenses, letters, reports, and so on. It’s a system used by the Financial services, Insurance Government Automotive, Manufacturing, Healthcare Etc...


    ü Involved in the Code Review.
    ü Writing fresh code and Re-Engineering Code.
    ü Provided different server Support and resolved issues.

    Company : Integra Micro Systems Pvt Ltd
    Client : Jataayu Software
    Team Size : 15 Members
    Role : Software Engineer

    Project Description:

    WAPTOP is an instant messaging system that will be used on a WAP based browser. This messenger performs the functionalities like: Login, Add/Delete Contact List, Check Presence, Mood, Public/Private Chat Rooms, Add/Delete Buddies, Send Message to buddies/contact list, Block/Unblock User, search user/ Chat rooms. The application is accessed on the WAP browser using the URL where the applications deployed. The WAPTOP application sends all the requests to the jIMPS server Anthe form of XML messages. These messages compliant to the OMAIMPS 1.2specifications. jIMPS server handles all business logic. WAPTOP only passes the appropriate XML to the jIMPS server. The jIMPS server should be always up for the messages routing and other operations..

    ü Involved in Understanding functional specifications.
    ü Involved in the preparation of the Validations using Java scripts
    ü Used Servlets and JSP for server side programming for handling requests and responses

    Environment: Java, J2EE Servlet, JSP, Weblogic, Oracle8i, JDBC, and Java Script.

    Project # 3 (Feb 2006-Feb 2007)
    Enforce System
    Company : Siddhast Intellectual Property Pvt Ltd
    Team Size : 10 Members
    Role : Software Engineer

    Project Description:
    This project is intended towards the automation of overall activities and all the division wise, territory wise and Stockiest wise related medical transaction which is performed in the Nicholas Piramal. This Project has Four Modules.

    DVL System
    This module keep track of all the information about the doctor, it also provide the facilities to create new doctors, update the doctor and Delete the doctor, and Search Doctor, which is based on its actual Practice and TBM (MR) Code. It also provides the territory reorganization when doctor shifted from one territory to another.

    ECRM System
    This module based on the relationship between ABM (Area Bossiness Manager) and Doctors. Its shows the how many CRM request initiated by (ABM) for the Doctors. It also provide the Facility to Edit the CRM request which is initiated by ABM After that the new CRM request is Approved And Disapproved by the NSM, ZBM or Admin, and the admin can also see the how many CRM request Initiated and CRM request Status.

    COVERAGE System
    In this module ABM submitted its Coverage Submission
    Means -TBMS number of days worked in Field.

    ü Days of meeting with Doctors.
    ü Number of Chemist Meet.
    ü Reason for not meeting with Doctors.
    ü The Territory Wise Report in Coverage System display all the coverage submitted by its TBM.

    Its give the detail information about its Stock and Sales for particular Brand wise, Division wise, Territory wise and Stockiest wise.
    Environment: Java, Struts, JDBC, JSP, and JavaScript.

    Project # 4 (Aug 2005 - Jun 2006)
    Travel Requisition & Booking System.
    Company : Siddhast Intellectual Property Pvt Ltd
    Team Size : 7 Members
    Role : Developer
    Project Description:
    The objective of the domestic travel policy is to provide quality/comfort/safety
    To all employees traveling on official duty within the country, while ensuring that travel is undertaken in the most cost-efficient manner, so as to enable the employees to conduct the company’s business, commensurate with the image of the organization to ensure consistency travel policies across the different parts of the organization. The policy provides guidelines for the employee entitlements while on official tour within the country. This policy should not be read with the ‘Local Conveyance Policy’, which is being circulated separately.


    Involved in the development of a software tool to administer an institute.
    Created Swing classes, menu classes and layout classes to design the screen.
    Built forms to schedule classes, maintain trainer utilization tracking,
    JDBC-ODBC Driver is used as connectivity between Java and Oracle
    Generated weekly and monthly reports on the percentage of attendance.
    Environment: Java, JSP , Servlet, MySql, JDBC, HTML, Tomcat, Window98

    Professional Course:
    MCA from G.G.University Bilaspur (C.G) in year 2005

    Graduation Profile:
    BSC (Science, Maths,) from Science College Raipur (C.G) in Year 2002


    ’Won Many Prizes in Cricket Tournaments at State level.

    ’ Self-driven personality coupled with problem-solving attitude
    ’Good communication skills; both oral and written
    ’Quick learner and good performer both in team & independent job environments
    ’Positive attitude towards peers, superiors and subordinates.

    Personal Profile:

    Name : Avanish Pandey
    Date of Birth : 22-Nov-1981
    Father's Name :Mr. Prem Lal Pandey
    Marital Status :Married
    Nationality : Indian

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