- System Architect

    ** To obtain a position in Software Project Management.
    ** To obtain a position in Architecting a state of the art Delphi/C# Database Applications (32bit/.NET).

    3.1.2004 ~ Now: esense Amman-Jordan:
    ** Technical Team Leader (TTL)

    3.1.2004 ~ 10.07.2008: ElAjou Group Saudi Arabia:
    ** Document Management System Project Manager.
    ** Software Developer & System Analyst.
    ** Delphi7 programmer.
    ** Implementing the following projects.
    1.OpenText(Humming Bird) Project Manager:
    * Writing Project Solution Concept. * Implementing Project Plan. * Building Key Users. * Arranging SDLS Stages Kickoff Meetings. * Preparing SDLS Stages Outputs. * Project Analysis.
    2.RightFax –Fax Server Service - Project Manager:
    * Writing Project Solution Concept. * Implementing Project Plan. * Project Analysis. * Building End Users. * Running the system live on 23/10/2007.
    3.Human Resources Management System:
    * Analyzing, Designing & Implementing HRMS. * 3 tiers (DCom). * Access Database.
    4.PeopleSoft/JDE Application Developer:
    * Company gave me following the training courses: a. Application Development. b. Report Writer. c. JDE Workflaw. e. C.N.C.
    5. Maintaining an old Client/Server application called QuotationBuilder:
    * The system was developed by me in the late 2002...See below

    1.8.2003 ~ 31.12.2003: New Era Technology:
    ** Delphi5 Software Developer & System Analyst:
    1. (Real Estate Management System) 3 Tier Database Application:
    * MSSQL. * DCom.
    2. Some tools for updating the clients database structure.
    3. Components writer.

    1.3.2002 ~ 31.7.2003: Analyst House Co. Ltd. (Borland Mid.Est.):
    ** Delphi7 Software Developer & System Analyst:
    1. Data Migration (Web Services):
    *The tool will manage Data Migration between Central Office &16 Sub Offices (which distributed around the
    kingdom). * The network that was available is a WAN, through 4 tel. lines (RAS).* Database updates are saved in a Log file table. Transaction made in the database is stored in this log file table as a SQL Statement. * This log file is then distributed to Branches, & vs. versa.
    2. (Budget Organizer System) Client/Server application:
    * It was implemented to help one of the S.A Gov departments on managing their yearly budget.* Interbase 6.5.
    3.(Maintenance Tracking System) Client/Server application:
    * It was implemented to help one of the S.A Gov departments on tracking maintenance cases with constructors.* Interbase 6.5. * The application sends messages to certain phone no. or addresses - that belongs to the Constructor/Contact Persons - (Phone, Fax, SMS, EMail) for notifying Maintenance Cases. * The Constructor's Contact Person receives the message, & starts to center his sevents. * The Gov. Supervisor -End User- will see the events & aprove/des-aprove them.
    4. (Archiving system) Client Server application :
    5. Maintaining old systems:
    * Inventory System. * HR System. * Official-Documents Import/Export tracking system. * Devices & Equipments Installation Location Registration system.
    6. B2B Integration :
    * Implementing a Business to Business integration between two heterogeneous systems by using the POP3 protocol. * An external system is sending notifications - to the local system by the Email - about the task's status. * A Diamond Application receives these Emails & parses the information. * The Diamond Application then will update the local systems database with the task's status.
    7. Web Application:
    * Integrating a web application by using the CGI through Delphi.

    1.8.2000 ~ 31.2.2002: ElAjou Group Saudi Arabia:
    ** System Administrator.
    ** Delphi5 Software Developer & System Analyst:
    1.Client/Server application called QuotationBuilder:
    * It was implemented to help our sales department on creating Quotations 'Offers' for their clients. * MS-SQL7 // MS-SQL2000. * GUI designed. * TForm(s)are OOP based 'repository has been used', that gave the TForm(s) the same look & the same features… * It will run under Citrix in the Thin Client. * Certification has been awarded to me from the ElAjou Group after the release of version one.
    2. Client/Server application called ApplicantsMaster [Demo Version]:
    * It was implemented to help our HR department having Applicants CVs added into a database, and making some enumeration. * MS-SQL2000. * GUI designed. * TForm(s) are OOP based 'repository has been used', that gave the TForm(s) the same look & the same features. * It will run under Citrix in the Thin Client.
    3. An application that will preview data from the proxy log file.
    * The application is created to use MS-SQL7, so it is implemented to be a Client/Server application. * It has been tested to work throw the Terminal Server by using the MetaFram server, it has been run into a Thin Client. * Reports were implemented by using QReport. * The application is deployed by Setup.exe created throw the InstallShield Express.
    4. Building a new Delphi team, by supporting junior programmers with Delphi courses.

    1.10.1998 ~ 1.7.2000: Integrated Technology Group-ITG Amman:
    ** Database designer.
    ** Team leader.
    ** Senior programmer.
    1. Client/Server desktop application called SoftwareMaster.
    * It was developed by using MS-SQL 6.5 as DBMS & Delphi-4. * The application was developed to a Software located in Germany. * The application is deployed throw the Setup.exe created by the InstallShield Express. * Positions (mew to old): * One-month trip to Germany - it was in July 1999 - to deliver Version One.
    2. A wizard to convert SMvI database to SmvII.
    * It was developed by using Paradox as DBMS & Delphi-4. * It was to transfer needed data for SMvII from the SMvI. * The application was supported with SQL script that should run in the SQL server 1st. * The application was introduced by a setup project created under install shield.

    1994 ~ 1998: Petra Electronic Amman:
    1. Local DBMS / desktop application called Quotation Builder.
    * Paradox DBMS & Delphi3. * It was to help my company to create quotations to customers.
    2. Local DBMS / desktop application:
    * FoxPro.* Smole finance application.

    1.Electronic Archiving/Documents Management System:
    * It will help organization Saving, Archiving & Backing up any type of document into a fully structured Database.
    2.Advanced Localization Delphi Component.

    Project Management
    * Software Development Life Cycle (SDLS). * MS Office Project. * MS Office Visio. * MS Office Power Point.
    Distribution Business Experience
    * Purchasing. * Sales. * Inventory.
    Many Software Development Experience
    * Web Application. * ASP.Net. * VB.Net. * HTML. * Java Script. * Web Services XML/SOAP.
    * Java (JSF, JSP, Servlet, Beans, Scriplet, GlassFish, Tomcat, Web Services, JDBC, JNI, Swing …)…Shifting from Object Oriented Pascal “Delphi”.
    * Delphi.Net. * Java Swing. * C#.Net. * IntraWeb + Web Snap. * Excellent in the OOP, That I’m using for running the Dev. Team. * Desktop/Database applications (3 tiers / 2 tiers / 1 tier). * DCOM/Midas (Data Snap). * VCLs, Packages & DLLs. * TCP/IP, POP3 and SMTP. * PeopleSoft/JDE Dev. Tools.
    Relational Databases Administrating Experience
    * MS-SQL and Interbase. * Tables, triggers and fields constraints. * Building relational Queries, views & stored procedures.
    Many Software Programming Languages Experience
    * Delphi/Pascal. * C. * C++. * C#.
    12 Years of Software Programming
    * 7 years using Delphi. * 4 years using MSSQL with Delphi. * 1.5 year using Interbase with Delphi. * 4 years using others (Cobol, FoxPro, Turbo Pascal). * 5 Years developing 2 Tiers Application. * 1.5 year developing Distributed Applications.
    Software Solution Deployment/Distribution Experience
    * Using the InstallSheild. * Good ideas for interactive server with clients.* Windows registry.
    Experience on the following O.S
    * Win2000 terminal server & MetaFram administration. * Citrix client configurations: thin & fat clients. * Lunix.
    Ready made Application
    * Hummingbird (Document Management System) Customization. * RightFax Administration & Implementation. * PeopleSoft/JDE Application Developer. * PeopleSoft/JDE Report Writer Designer. * PeopleSoft/JDE Workflow. * PeopleSoft/JDE CNC.
    Ambitious to learn more.

    * 1991 – 1993 Arab community college Amman, Jordan (College Graduate).
    * Arabic & English.
    Personal Information
    * Marital status: Marred. * Nationality: Jordanian. * Age: 32. * Place of Birth: Kuwait.
    Contact Information
    * Amman-Jordan. * Telephone: 962-795475609. * Email1: w.abusamaha@gmail.com. * Email2: w_samaha@hotmail.com.

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