Terms and Conditions

This document contains general guidelines. Please use common sense when using this website.


When posting to the forum, you agree to the following:

  • Your forum title should represent your question.
    Why? Consider this scenario: You are searching for help on getting the data from a combobox. You type in some keywords and it returns 1000 results with the following types of titles:
    Help me please!
    In need of help . . .urgent!
    Experts help needed.
    These type of titles do not help you find what you want quickly. Therefore, we ask you please follow this rule!
  • DO NOT use profanity or any offensive language.
  • DO NOT sell products or release latest news.
  • Do not look for illegal hacked software. This includes asking for serial numbers, url's, licensing, etc.
  • MUST be Delphi programming related.

If you do not follow these guidelines, your account may be disabled.

Components and Applications

Only Delphi and C++ Builder components and applications are allowed. All components must be uploaded, which entitles Delphi Pages to distribute your file via our CD.

All files must be free from Virus and other illegal information.

The file you upload must contain the file that the listing displays. DO NOT post text files that give instructions for downloading it elsewhere. Do not post files that are not relavent with your listing.


You can only have 1 resume, and must contain valid resume information.

DO NOT post product information.

These resume's are for companies to find Delphi Developers. If you are not looking for a Delphi programming position, please do not activate your resume.


We are trying our best to keep your email secure. As our site continues to develop, we will allow people to still contact you through email, but through an indirect method. They will never see your email unless you reply to their email message outside of the forum or post on the forum.

We do not give out your email to anyone.


As the site develops, all forum, links, tips, comps, etc. will be handled through the users section. If you do not follow the terms listed above, we have the right to disable your account.

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