AddBarcodes and Delphi
Barcodes generally consist of a series of alternately black and white bars, of varying width. The pattern is defined by encoding the data the barcode represents, using a set of pre-defined patterns and optionally additional mathematical operations to condense the data or add a check-digit.

The TBits class stores a series of bits, in the smallest possible size of memory. It is an ideal object to store encoded data in one of the many barcode-formats, and use in one of many ways to generate the barcode itself. For example:
- generate a monochrome bitmap,
- generate HTML to display the barcode (attention, generally background-color's don't get printed, use !important or a black border-left for a white span or td)
- generate printer-code to send to the printer directly

I've put up source-code that demonstrates this here:
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    31 December, 2007
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